Down Policy

Ethically-produced down of the highest quality

Fjällräven has been making down products for more than 40 years. We are known throughout the world for only using down of the highest quality. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have managed to establish a sustainable production chain with continuous, strict controls carried out on all parties involved. This is the reason why we received an honourable mention from Animal Welfare Sweden for our down handling practices in 2010.

Fjällräven’s down is a by-product from food production. We work exclusively with one down supplier, who in its turn works with selected farms and one slaughterhouse. Everyone involved works according to our Code of Conduct to keep high ethical and quality levels. During the entire process, down for Fjällräven products is transported in sealed sacks to avoid it being mixed with other producers’ down. Our quality control team oversees the process by making both announced and unannounced visits. The down’s quality and cleanliness are controlled by IDFL, the International Down and Feather Laboratory.

Down handling step by step

This is how Fjällräven down is produced:

Even if we are proud of what we have achieved so far, we are never completely satisfied. We continue to examine and improve our processes – speak to experts and suppliers, listen, learn and share our findings – to make sure that every step in the production chain is of the highest possible standard from an animal welfare perspective.

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Download: Fjällräven Code of Conduct (pdf)